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You Ask | We Answer: What are the Top Three Things to Look for to Build Out My Franchise?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Congratulations, you've found a space to lease for your brick and mortar franchise - yikes, now how do you build out it out?! As franchise buildout specialists, we've found the three key deliverables that ensure a successful franchise buildout experience.

Three Keys to A Successful Franchise Buildout Experience

1) Speed to Market

Effectively launching your franchise business is all about getting through site selection and lease negotiations to secure a suitable site for your business within budget, and then building out your space as quickly as possible to reduce costs and begin generating all-important startup revenue before rent payments begin (and avoid dreaded dead rent). You'll want a team including a project manager, architect, engineer, general contractor, and a host of material suppliers that are all closely aligned and dedicated to accelerating this process to your advantage.

2) Competitive Pricing

Inexperience bidders can fritter away and exceed your construction budget on over-priced construction materials and general contractor quotes, cost overruns and expensive change orders, and/or inadvertently causing expensive scheduling delays. You want a team of industry veterans that is expert at bidding out your project to a vetted pool of suppliers and experienced retail general contractors, and then have them compete hard against each other to win the business - all in an effort to bring costs down and your safeguard your wallet. We've seen an effective bidding process shave over $80,000 off the cost of a project, so the rewards in getting this right can be substantial!

3) Risk Free

Franchise buildouts can be a financially risky proposition for first-time franchisees. That's why you want a project management buildout partner that's so confident in its people and processes that it will guarantee they will save you more than the cost of using their services. And have them put their money where their mouth is by having them to agree in writing to refund 100% of your fee if they fail to do so.

Contact Us to Learn More!

Rollout Connection, your Franchise Buildout Specialist, guarantees all of the above with 100% certainty, on every project. We are more than happy to set up a call and discuss your project and how we might be able to help. Please reach out to to talk with The Team Behind the Guarantee.

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