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You Ask | We Answer: What is Millwork and What are the Steps Involved?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Your project has many moving parts, and millwork is one that we are often asked about.

What is Millwork?

You probably could guess from the name, but if not, millwork is woodwork that has been fabricated in our mill shop. That's right, we have our very own mill shop! Each Franchisor we work with has a different millwork package, but millwork refers to any number of products. This includes doors and panels, molding and trim, point of sale and reception desks, garbage receptacles, and much more! These pieces are then installed on-site based off of customized specifications of the brand and architectural drawings. Therefore, millwork products are oftentimes unique in dimensions, shapes, and materials.

How Does the Millwork Process Work?

Millwork is an essential part to any brand and it's locations and you're probably wondering when to start. The best time to start millwork is when you have a full set of construction drawings in hand. These construction drawings show us what fixtures are needed, where they’re going, and what the exact dimensions will be. The last thing we want to happen is have your brand new millwork package be too big or too small to fit into your space. In some cases, every inch counts so that is why we wait until we have a full set of construction drawings in hand.

Once we have drawings, we'll have our team put together a quote showing each fixture along with shipping. Again, we can only put this exact pricing together after construction drawings are created so we know what we’re manufacturing and shipping. Shipping quotes may or may not be able to be obtained at this point depending on timeline and volatility of gas prices.

From there, we will present the millwork package to both you and the Franchisor for approval from both parties. We do this to ensure brand standards are being followed and you both have a chance to review this before we move forward. Millwork is an important part of the buildout, and we want you to know the scope of work and price before we move forward.

The millwork has been approved... Now what? We are really just getting started. Once the package has been approved by the franchisee and franchisor, we collect a 70% deposit to activate the millwork process. From there we will manage the whole process on your behalf so you have one less item to worry about on your project. It's great to have peace of mind!

What are the Next Steps?

You've paid the millwork deposit so what's next? Our millwork team will then work together with your assigned project manager and review the shop drawings for accuracy. We check every detail and like to have multiple sets of eyes on the drawings. This is an important part of the process because the fixtures will be manufactured using these shop drawings. From here, we will sign off on the shop drawings, but we will only sign off on the shop drawings once all parties have reviewed and we are confident in the accuracy. Once signed, your millwork package is manufactured.

Timing and On-Site Delivery

Once manufacturing begins, there is a standard 4-6 week lead time. During this stage, we review the project timeline and construction schedule as a team to determine when millwork needs to be delivered to the site. Delivery timeline is important because if millwork is delivered too early, it will get in the way of other construction tasks, and if it is delivered late, we are going against our deliverable of speed to market. This is why we’re careful to find the perfect time for delivery. We then work with your General Contractor to coordinate shipment because there needs to be adequate hands on-site to offload the truck when the shipment arrives. Prior to scheduling when your millwork delivery, we require the remaining balance on your package.

Our millwork lead and your assigned project manager will then contact the shipping company and the GC to confirm delivery date and time and confirm who will be on site to offload the fixtures when they are delivered. Note that millwork is pad wrapped during shipment to keep fixtures safe from harm. Upon arrival to the site, your General Contractor will inspect the fixtures to confirm they are undamaged. They will also send send photos to your assigned Project Manager to show everything that was delivered and to confirm that items are undamaged. Your General Contractor will then install fixtures per their contract. Congratulations! Your millwork package is on-site and installed. You're so close to being open for business!

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