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You Ask | We Answer: What are the Benefits of Turn-key Construction?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

People choose to become franchisees for any number of reasons, but one of the top reasons is the support a franchisor can provide. Franchisor support comes in many forms and can include lease negotiations, marketing, and many other areas of your business. One key area where the franchisor’s support is vital is construction, and that's why Rollout Connection is partnered with many brands.

Assuming you are purchasing a traditional bricks-and-mortar type franchise, your agreement will provide that either the franchisor will construct the store on your behalf, you will construct the store yourself or, typically, that the franchisor has the right to choose which of those options will apply to you. We most often see franchisees build their stores themselves utilizing a general contractor.

When a franchisor builds the franchised business (referred to as “turnkey” construction), it does so with a team of contractors of its choosing, at preferred rates and often at a greater speed than a franchisee may be able to co-ordinate. Franchisees may be relieved to not have to worry about construction among all of the other stresses of starting a business, but this service is rarely, if ever, free. Most franchisors will charge some form of administrative or development fee, to reimburse them for their administrative costs in overseeing and facilitating construction on the project. Franchisees may save themselves fees of this nature if they are permitted to do the build-out themselves, but may find themselves constrained in terms of which contractors they can use. The franchisor may have a designated construction firm available to work with the franchisee, the franchisee may be permitted to choose from a list of approved contractors or the franchisee may even be able to present the franchisor with its own list of contractors, to be approved by the franchisor.

This is exactly where we come in to help. Each franchisor we work with understands the amount of work that goes into construction so they partner with us to work with franchisees, manage their buildout, and get their location open sooner rather than later. Our program is designed to be a complete service from pre-construction (space planning, architecture and engineering, permitting, etc.) to certificate of occupancy. We have a large network of general contractors that we utilize and can get you better pricing compared to procuring bids on your own. Our experience and knowledge in franchise construction will save you both time and money. Contact us today via email at to learn more about how we can help!

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