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You Ask | We Answer: What is the Competitive General Contractor Bid Process and How Does it Work?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

One of the most important parts of your project is choosing a general contractor. If you’ve ever been involved with a commercial construction project, you can probably appreciate the important role of a commercial general contractor. Whether you’re renovating an office building or planning a new construction facility, the right contractor can make all the difference.

Who Do We Bid The Project To?

On each project, we pre-qualify anywhere from three to six general contractors. This includes verifying they are licensed and insured, have commercial construction experience, and have the capacity for the work.

Oftentimes, franchisees will say that they have reached out to several general contractors in their city and have little to no luck. With how the construction industry is right now, that is pretty common. Local general contractors are busy for months and you need a general contractor sooner than later. When bidding your project, we will bid to local, regional, or national general contractors. We have a large pool of general contractors that we tend to go back to for work. We'll have a general contractor for your project in no time!

How Long Does the General Contractor Have to Bid?

Time is of the essence in franchise construction, so while your location is in permitting, we will also be bidding your project to general contractors. The general contractors will then have 2-3 weeks to submit their construction bid.

What is in the Bid Return Sheet?

Once the initial bids are received, our construction team asks each general contractor to break their bids down into over 35 subcategories. These subcategories include all of the items that go into the buildout of your store. It can be as granular as paint, flooring, and more!

What Does Rollout Connection do With the Bids?

After we break down the three to six general contractor bids, we will then compare and qualify the bids to ensure the general contractors have included everything per the bid documents. The bid documents are essentially all of the information we require general contractors to complete to adhere to brand standards. From there, our construction team will then negotiate with each general contractor to get you the lowest price and meet our Price Guarantee.

When Will I See Pricing?

After our construction team has negotiated on your behalf, we will then share with you the bid sheet for your project and will make a recommendation on which general contractor you should choose to buildout your franchise location. We'll provide the pros and cons of each general contractor. This could include things such as, are they are father/son team, where are they located, have we worked with them before, and more. Ultimately it is your decision which general contractor to go with, but we will still provide the information to you for an informed decision.

What’s next?

Congratulations on selecting your general contractor! Once selected, we will have the general contractor send a contract and a construction schedule.

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